1st ICPHS 2021

1st International Conferences In Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences

“Formulation of Natural Product-Based Drugs in Non Communicable Disease Therapy”

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Department of Pharmacy, Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Gorontalo in collaboration with the Indonesian Pharmacy Diplome Education Association (APDFI), Indonesian Pharmacy Technicians Association (PAFI) and the Indonesian Pharmacists association (IAI) will hold an International Webinar ” 1st International Conferences In Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (1stICPHS 2021)” with the theme ” Formulation of Natural Product-Based Drugs in Non-Communicable Disease Therapy ”. This activity aims to become a forum for socializing the progress of technological development of natural medicinal ingredients and increasing understanding and use for the treatment of non-communicable diseases for stakeholders on a national and international scale.   

This activity takes the form of a scientific seminar consisting of plenary lectures and oral presentations. The target participants are practitioners in the field of natural materials and related fields of science, both from academics (lecturers, researchers, students) as well as practitioners and industry both from within and outside the country.


“Formulation of Natural Product-Based  Drugs in Non Communicable Disease Therapy”

The sub-themes of the conference activities include : 

  • Ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology
  • Exploration of new  sources  of  natural  product  for medicines
  • Medicinal plant cultivation and conservation
  • Standardization of natural medicines
  • Phytochemistry and phytomedicines
  • Experimental and clinical pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Development of natural medicine products
  • Community and Management/administrative Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nutraceuticals (nutrition for therapy) Non communicable disease care
  • Health Sciences


Regarding with the International Conference in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Sciences 2021 and seeing the condition of network disturbances that have occurred in several areas recently, we announce that there will be a slight change in the mechanism of oral and poster presentations which were previously planned to be live, will be changed to offair (participants make video recordings of presentations).
1. In the oral presentation, we require participants to prepare a video presentation with the following:
PPT is made systematically
-Title page (contains the name of the presenter and affiliation)
-introduction (Max 2 pages)
-research question and aim (1 page)
-method (1 page)
-results and Discussion (2-3 pages)
-summary (1-2)
-future development/study (optional max 1 page)
-weaknesses and limitations (optional) (1 page)
-acknowledgment (1 page)
-references (1 page)
For review (adjusting to the review made)

2. For poster presentations, you can directly present each section in the poster
Poster systematic:
-Results and discussion
-References (max 4)

3. Videos are made in a maximum duration of 8-10 minutes and sent with PPT and/or Posters to email icphs@poltekkesgorontalo.ac.id

We recommend that the presenter be included in the video

4. PPT and Presentation are presented in English.

5. The deadline for uploading videos is October 5, 2021 at 22.00 WITA.

6. The presentation video will be shown in the order of presentation distributed by the committee, and after the presentation there will be a Live Question and Answer Session on the day of ICPHS (we will share the schedule on October 5, 2021).


The main purpose of this activity is to socialize the progress of the development of natural medicinal ingredients and increase understanding and use to the people of Indonesia and the world. Specifically, this activity aims to :

  • As a medium for meeting and exchanging information between researchers and academics
  • As a means of socialization, identification and efforts to increase the general public’s understanding of natural medicinal ingredients
  • Develop research networks and other collaborations in the field of natural medicinal ingredients in Indonesia


The benefits expected from the implementation of this international seminar are :

  • The holding of an international conference in the field of natural medicinal ingredients
  • Dissemination or presentation of papers sent by authors from among students, researchers, academics or the general public who have gone through selection/review by a team of reviewers appointed by the committee
  • Increasing the number of publications by lecturers, researchers and students of Health Polytechnics of Gorontalo at international conferences

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Contact Person

Ysrafil (0852 9905 1996)
Prisca (0812 8471 7622)


Organizing Committee of 1st International Conferences In Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (1st ICPHAS 2021)

Department of Pharmacy

Health Polytechnic of Gorontalo

Jl. Taman Pendidikan No. 36 Kota Gorontalo Telp : 0435-827193 Fax : 0435-827182

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